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Contact us today to speak with one of our representatives.

Due to a debilitating illness or injury, your loved one may need extensive medical care for some period of time. If your loved one needs long-term care, you may be researching different types of facilities and come across the term “skilled nursing care.” This term refers to licensed healthcare professionals providing high levels of medical care. This level of care can be provided by a therapist or a registered nurse. A health facility may provide nursing care, which can allow your loved one to receive high-level medical treatment in the comfort of our home-like facilities. Our skilled nursing care service is one of a few helpful services we provide. To learn more about our services, reach out to our CLHF Homes today at 818.350.1169, or contact us online.

When are Skilled Nursing Care Services Necessary?

If you and your family are not able to provide the required care for your loved one, the family may choose a long-term care facility, such as CLHF Homes. There, we can meet your loved one’s needs. Once your loved one gets out of the hospital, you can help them get skilled nursing, which can take place in your home or in one of our long-term care facilities. With around-the-clock medical support and extensive therapy, our skilled nursing care focuses on helping your loved heal and recover. Skilled nursing care can involve a range of trained experts administering these services for a variety of illnesses and injuries. Examples of conditions that require skilled nursing care services include:

  • Acute and chronic respiratory care
  • Requiring feeding tubes
  • Incontinence, catheter, colostomy care
  • Burn care
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Congenital disorders
  • Complex wound care
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Amputee care
  • Neuromuscular care

Benefits of 24/7 Skilled Nursing Care

Whether you choose our CLHF Homes or in-home care options, our skilled nursing care services have teams available 24/7. These teams may include nursing assistants, licensed nurses, activity directors, and therapists. Each of them is on-site at our homes to ensure that each of our residents stays safe and gets the care that they need.

Furthermore, these skilled nursing care services are affordable. We accept a range of insurance options to help you pay for these services. Our care homes will assist you in checking your benefits while guiding you to find the best and most affordable care options.

We also offer highly-skilled healthcare services. Whether your loved one needs acute respiratory care, support for a traumatic brain injury, or special dietary services, our skilled nursing care services can help. We also offer a range of therapeutic options to help your loved one get the support they need to recover.

Skilled nursing care services also provide our residents with more support and social interaction in the long-run. We have activity directors available at our homes to make the environment lively and enjoyable throughout your recovery. We encourage our patients to spend time with other residents in our beautifully landscaped yards or comfortable living areas.

Contact Our Team Today

At our CLHF Homes, we want to give your loved ones the support and care they need to recover from their condition. In addition to our skilled nursing care services, we also offer a variety of other useful services, including:

Your loved one deserves to recover with the help of medical experts who completely understand their condition. At our CLHF Homes, we offer 24/7 skilled nursing care services to ensure that the goal is possible. To learn more about our services, or to tour one of our care facilities, contact CLHF Homes today at 818.350.1169 or by using our helpful contact form.