Contact us today to speak with one of our representatives.


Contact us today to speak with one of our representatives.

La Tuna Home

Our La Tuna home is located on La Tuna Canyon Road in Sun Valley, CA.

Facility Information:

Address: 10109 La Tuna Canyon Rd.
Sun Valley, CA 91352
Phone: 818.394.9950
Fax: 818.394.9452
Admin Cell: 818.966.0454
Email: [email protected]

It can be stressful to find the right care option for your loved one, but the challenge isn’t one you need to face alone. When you contact the team at Congregate Living Health Facilities, we strive to make sure that you have the information you need to make informed decisions, while your loved one gets the exemplary care they need. Our long-term care facilities in Sun Valley, CA are an excellent option for their care. For information about our LA Tuna home, please reach out to CLHF Homes today at 818.350.1169.

The Need For Long-Term Care Facilities in Sun Valley, CA

Perhaps your loved one has recently received a traumatic brain injury or another debilitating condition. In that case, it’s critical to find professional care to support them and yourself in dealing with their newfound condition. Finding the right level of care requires planning and consideration, as the choices you make have lasting outcomes. For instance, if you decide to keep them at home, this choice can take its toll on the family’s mental and physical health. However, sub-acute care in a hospital means that there will be fewer therapeutic treatments, lessening the chances of long-term recovery.

A care option that lies between these two opposing options is to find a long-term care facility. For instance, at our LA Tuna home, we’re able to provide a relaxing atmosphere in an environment that feels like home.

Our team provides comprehensive care over long periods of time. We provide intensive care around the clock for our patients, ensuring that they get the long-term support that they need. We provide a vast array of essential services, such as:

Many people can greatly benefit from long-term care facilities in Sun Valley, CA, and we assist individuals facing a variety of challenges. For instance, our long-term care facilities in Sun Valley, CA are beneficial for those battling neurological illnesses or traumatic brain injuries. In addition, our pulmonary specialists ensure that we can assist people who are dependent on ventilators. Additionally, we routinely help individuals with life-threatening conditions that cause their doctors to expect them to live six months or less. We also offer care for those with conditions that can lead to death within five years or less.

Benefits of Our LA Tuna Home

The long-term care facilities in Sun Valley, CA can provide a comfortable and regenerative alternative to nursing homes or hospitalization. We strive to make sure that your loved one experiences the CLHF Homes difference from the moment you place their care in our hands.

One remarkable benefit of our LA Tuna home is the location. Unlike other long-term care facilities, you’ll find our long-term care home in a quiet and peaceful residential area. With this location, your loved one can focus solely on their recovery without being distracted by the hustle and bustle of a hospital setting.

Because our LA Tuna home is in a residential home, it also has all of the amenities a normal home would offer. For instance, each of our long-term care facilities in Sun Valley, CA includes a full kitchen. In this kitchen, our patients can practice cooking and other essential life skills alongside our occupational therapist. We also offer comfortable entertainment areas and a beautifully manicured yard, allowing your loved one to relax during their recovery. Better still, each patient lives in a comfortable bedroom, which is decorated tastefully, giving them the perfect spot to focus on their recovery.

Our long-term care facilities in Sun Valley, CA can also offer a variety of services, such as:

  • Speech therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Long-term care services

Contact CLHF Homes

Your loved one requires extensive support and care, which our team can provide. The staff of our long-term care facilities in Sun Valley, CA provide the consideration and treatment your loved one needs to thrive. To schedule a tour of our beautiful and comfortable LA Tuna home, or to learn more about our community, contact CLHF Homes at 818.350.1169 today.