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Contact us today to speak with one of our representatives.

When a person has suffered a traumatic brain injury or another severe medical condition, it can affect their ability to function. As a result, it can be challenging, if not impossible, to live the life they once enjoyed before their condition occurred. These conditions can lead to decreased coordination or balance, speech deficits, and other problems. Such deficiencies call for a range of therapeutic options to provide support and assistance as your loved one recovers from their condition. We offer a range of therapy services to help them restore lost skills, compensate for deficits, and adapt to the environment to enable the highest functioning possible. To learn more about the benefits of therapy services at our Southern California care homes, contact CLHF Homes today at 818.350.1169, or contact us online.

Occupational Therapy

Our team will evaluate their condition when your loved one comes to our care at CLHF Homes. In many cases, their condition will require treatment from several therapeutic modalities. However, occupational therapy is particularly useful for many medical conditions.

If our team determines that your loved one requires an occupational therapist, they will work with our team to further assess the client’s needs. They will then work with you and your loved one to identify areas that require improvement and discuss how they affect your loved one’s routine. Our team of Occupational Therapists will assist with the ability to participate in activities of daily living, such as eating, bathing, dressing, grooming, and toileting. The end-goal of occupational therapy is to achieve the highest level of ability and independence possible.

Speech Therapy

When it comes to the need for long-term medical care, speech therapy is an area is extremely important, but that some don’t think about the importance of right away. After all, if your loved one can’t move about on their own, how much does speech and cognitive function matter? In reality, it matters a great deal. In fact, if your loved one can’t move around on their own, speech and cognitive function becomes even more important. Our team of Speech Therapists will assist with cognition (orientation, memory strategies, problem-solving, reasoning), communication (understanding directions, making needs known, word-finding, social conversation to engage meaningfully with others), and swallowing (ability to safely consume appropriate foods and liquids to meet nutrition and hydration needs).

Also, cognitive deficits impact your loved one’s ability to complete even basic aspects of daily living. These cognitive deficits include:

  • Decreased memory
  • Lowered ability to solve problems
  • Swallowing
  • Forming words
  • Poor concentration

Several of these cognitive deficits can place your loved one’s safety at risk. Fortunately, a speech therapy program, such as the one at the CLHF Homes, can address speech and cognitive deficits. Our treatments work on restoring your loved one’s ability to communicate and think clearly. Our speech therapy program allows them to eventually reintegrate back into the community and return to work or school in the best of circumstances.

Physical Therapy

For individuals who require long-term medical services in our homes, physical therapy may be less intense than they would experience in a short-term rehab center. That said, it can play a critical role in their overall health and wellbeing.
When you or your loved one first comes to our care homes, one of our physical therapists will work with you and your family members to develop goals for them. We will also develop an individualized treatment plan to assist your loved one through the challenges and limitations they face due to their condition. This treatment plan will vary from person to person, depending largely on your loved one’s level of consciousness, the severity of the injury, and other factors. Our team of Physical Therapists will assist with improving mobility, whether in bed, in a wheelchair, or walking (with or without an assistive device). They help establish proper positioning to prevent skin issues and provide range of motion exercises to prevent contractures.

If your loved one is in a minimally conscious state, they may begin to show signs of awareness, meaning that they may do some things purposefully. However, this awareness will probably not be consistent. If this is the case, your loved one’s physical therapist will assist with positioning, stretching, and using the equipment. However, they will also work with your loved one to increase the likelihood of consistent responses when someone asks for communication or movement.

Seek Long-Term Medical Services at CLHF Homes

At CLHF Homes, therapy services are only a few of the services we provide at our Southern California care facilities. In addition to all of our therapy services, we also offer:

To learn more about the benefits of our therapy services, contact CLHF Homes today at 818.350.1169, or contact us online.